BBS Ref : PS_2007_03_House
Title : Low-Energy/Passive-House Construction using Innovative Concept

A German SME seeks partners - SMEs and RTD - from the sector of building construction or any related sector, including marketing, and end-users. A new patented concept has been developed enabling very low-cost construction of highly energy-efficient housing while offering very wide range of architectural freedom. A model home has recently been constructed in Germany as proof-of-concept. Further reaserch needs to be conducted to investigate sound properties and develop market-ready solutions.

A new and unique patented concept of building construction using steel, sandwich, and glass elements has been developed and applied as a proof-of-concept in a model home in Germany.

In order to advance to a market-ready product, partners are sought to pursue the concept, identify end-user requirements, engage in research and development, prepare market-entry strategies and establish distribution channels as well as utilize the full range of design freedom offered.

The building core is a steel frame made of steel pillars and steel sandwich panels forming intermediate floors. Outer walls and roof are formed by sandwich panels with very good thermal insulation qualaties and glass elements. Interior walls may be formed by any material desired, including dry wall / plasterboard or prefabricated ply wood elements. An installation space is formed between walls which allows esay access to ventilation, plumbing, electrical etc.

The concept encompasses a very light weight building offering best energy-saving properties when coupled with technology such as automatic ventilation and earth to air heat exchanger. It enables rapid and low-cost construction and significantly reduced transportation costs.

The modularity of the concept offers greatest architectural freedom in design of space, light and surface structure.

Since there are no load-bearing interior or exterior walls, extension of the house and adjustment of wall locations / moving walls and changing rooms is easily achieved. This enables the conception of a building "kit" where one may start with a small home and add one room at a time as needed.

Partners are sought to pursue the concept, help conduct research, identify end-user requirements, design, finalize and implement market-entry strategies and establish sales and distribution channels. Areas of further research include the investigation of sound and noise properties as well as experiments investigating vibration, earthquake, fire etc. Potential commercial partners include SMEs or other interested in establishing distribution channels throughout Europe, also partners interested in executing the construction. Potential academic partners include entities to refine, test and advance the technology of the concept further.

Potential other partners include certification agencies and governmental entities interested in establishing and/or advancing technical standards in the area of environmentally-friendly living environments and designers or architects interested in working with alternative concepts of building materials.

Currently, a proposal regarding research for SME is in preparation. We are looking to form an international consortium of highly motivated entities to establish successful business and research partnerships. The overall goal is to systematically advance the state-of-the-art in the field of environmentally friendly housing characterized by low energy consumption and a high quality of living design with a maximum of adjustability.

Development stage : Proposal Under Development

European funding source(s) : FP7 - Capacities, Research for the benefit of

Type of Project: FP7 Collaborative Research
Keywords : Construction Technology (002006), Building Materials,
Components and Methods (002006001), Civil Engineering (002006002),
Materials Technology (002007), Building Materials (002007002)

Organisation type : Company

Organisation size : <50

Other details : -

Target partner organisation type(s) : SME (<250 employees), Large Company,
University, Research/Technology Centre, Other

Target partner expertise sought : Sought partners are SMEs and RTD - from
the sector of buildung construction or any related sector, including
marketing, and end-users.

Application domains : INDUSTRY, Industrial manufacture, Construction
technology, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, Environment protection, MEASUREMENTS AND
STANDARDS, Measurement methods

Contact : Aleksandra Slaby

Email : IRC@axon-technologie.de

Telephone : +49 - (0)421 - 20156-0

Fax : +49 - (0)421 - 20156-90

WWW : http://www.axon-technologie.de

Partner Request Entered by:

Organisation: AXON Technologie Consult GmbH

City: Bremen

Organisation Country: Germany

Organisation Telephone: +49 - (0)421 - 20156-0

Organisation Fax: +49 - (0)421 - 20156-90

Organisation Email: irc@axon-technologie.de

Organisation Web: http://www.axon-technologie.de

Entry date : 7/6/2007

Update date :

Deadline for responses: 4/9/2007

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